Why I’m Running

Dear Fellow New Mexicans,

I am running for New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands because of our children and grandchildren, and I am running because New Mexicans need jobs. This State deserves a Land Commissioner that understands that optimizing the responsible use of our natural resources is how we put money into our permanent fund for education and create opportunities for industries to add private sector jobs.

As a New Mexico businessman and rancher, I have the right mix of real world business experience as well as respect for the land and its resources. We must both optimize New Mexico’s resources as well as protect these trust lands for future generations. My opponent’s extreme environmental stance will continue to cause forest overgrowth that leads to devastating fires and their resulting floods, loss of watersheds to private land owners and their ranching needs, and his support of federal land grabs that add private and state owned land to the federal taxpayers, also affecting every citizen’s pocketbook.

Governor Martinez’ Support

Governor Susana Martinez and I recently met before a New Mexico Cattle Growers lunch, and we discussed my potential candidacy. Following our conversation, Governor Martinez gave the luncheon address, and from the podium, publically encouraged me to run. She endorsed my candidacy for State Land Commissioner, saying, “Aubrey Dunn will make a great Land Commissioner and serve the people of New Mexico extremely well. It is critical to have someone who understands our state lands in that position, and I am convinced that is Aubrey Dunn.”

It is my honor to run for this office, and it will be my honor to serve all the citizens of the state of New Mexico.

My Background

I’m a native New Mexican and have been in agriculture and ranching my entire life; I understand how important the conservation of our resources are, to property owners and to all New Mexicans. I was raised on a small apple farm in the community of High Rolls near Cloudcroft, NM and graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Animal Science.

I worked for 25 years in the financial industry, including the last ten of which was as CEO/President of First Federal Bank of New Mexico.

Among my qualifications for this position: My education includes:

My wife, Robin, and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this year along with the arrival of our second granddaughter. We ranch between Capitan and Roswell, New Mexico and live about 45 miles from the closest town or grocery store.

Our three children all graduated from New Mexico State University. Our son, A. Blair Dunn, is an attorney and lives with his wife Beky in Albuquerque. Our daughter, Dr. Jamie Dunn, practices optometry at UNM Hospital. Our youngest is Jed Dunn, a soil specialist with National Resources Conservation Service, who lives with his wife Colleen in Wessington Springs, South Dakota.

I look forward to the campaign trail as chance to meet and talk about the future with my fellow New Mexicans and the opportunity to serve the people of New Mexico. I pledge to bring honesty and character back to the State Land Office.

Aubrey Dunn