Integrity and Accountability in New Mexico’s State Land Office

Aubrey Dunn will work to correct the balance in how our public lands are utilized by allowing economic development that will create jobs, produce permanent fund revenue for our schools, and protect the property rights of private landowners across New Mexico.

He’ll allow appropriate multiple uses of state trust lands by bringing a balance of renewable energy (wind and solar) production, livestock grazing, recreation, conventional energy production (oil and gas production funds 97% of land office collected state revenues) and other industries, all to provide for New Mexico’s future.

Federal land grabs like the recent Barack Obama executive designation of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument and the extreme environmentalism of the current State Land Commissioner are hurting New Mexicans. We could have greater job creation in renewable energy, oil and gas, timber production and other economic development if onerous restrictions were lifted.

As a New Mexico businessman and rancher, Aubrey Dunn will ensure long-term sustainability of New Mexico’s public lands, which make up 47% of our state. He’ll balance the environmental needs of our land, our wildlife and our natural resources, with his understanding of economic development and purposeful revenue growth for New Mexico schools.

To see the differences between Aubrey Dunn and his opponent, please visit The Issues page.

Governor Martinez’ Support

Governor Susana Martinez and I recently met before a New Mexico Cattle Growers lunch, and we discussed my potential candidacy. Following our conversation, Governor Martinez gave the luncheon address, and from the podium, publically encouraged me to run. She endorsed my candidacy for State Land Commissioner, saying, “Aubrey Dunn will make a great Land Commissioner and serve the people of New Mexico extremely well. It is critical to have someone who understands our state lands in that position, and I am convinced that is Aubrey Dunn.”

It is my honor to run for this office, and it will be my honor to serve all the citizens of the state of New Mexico.